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Cataract Previsit Information

Dear Patient,

Thank you for contacting me to assess your cataract. If your cataract needs to be removed and replaced with an artificial lens you should consider:

Are you comfortable wearing glasses for near and distance?

  • A standard insured lens and insured testing is available. Glasses will likely be required for the best distance and near vision. There is no cost to you for the insured lens or insured testing.

Would you prefer to see well without glasses close up OR far away?

  • To help fine tune your visual outcome and reduce your dependence of glasses for near OR far vision custom calculations and testing are necessary. The cost of this optional package is $250 per eye.
  • If the shape of your cornea is not regular, a toric lens may improve your visual outcome. The toric lens corrects for the unusual shape of your cornea. You will still need glasses for either distance OR near vision with this lens. The total cost to you for a toric lens is $1,077.60 per eye.

Would you like to see well without glasses?

If your eyes are healthy, there are a number of custom lens to reduce your dependence on glasses.

  • The multifocal lens offers the greatest possibility for clear vision at near and far distance without the use of glasses. The total cost to you for a multifocal lens is $1977.60 per eye.
  • If the shape of your cornea is not regular, a toric multifocal lens may provide the best visual outcome for you. The toric multifocal lens makes adjustments to your vision in consideration of the unusual shape of your cornea. The total cost to you for a multifocal toric lens is $2502.60 per eye.
  • For certain patients mono vision is also an option to reduce overall dependence on glasses. There is an additional cost of $350 per eye for this package.

Please note that patients who have had previous laser refractive surgery will be required to have additional tests to provide the best visual outcome. The cost of these tests is $400.

I look forward to discussing the advantages and disadvantages of these options with you at your appointment for cataract assessment. Please also ask us about laser cataract surgery and expedited options for cataract surgery. Thank you for allowing me to care for your vision.


Martin McCarthy, MD, FRCSC, DABO, Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology

Please view the video below for more information about cataracts and the lens options available.

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